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This won't make it into the final draft...
Vixeny goodness
Most likely, anyway. People who haven't seen IRC conversations about Marvel wouldn't get it, but it would probably make those of us who have laugh and wince.

In the end, the IRC drama, for the most part, can be best compared to Marvel's Civil War arc: a stupid, [verbally] violent, pointless, arbitrary dispute in which there was a noticeable lack of moral high ground, all parties acted poorly, and everyone had much to regret afterwards. Initially about the nature of laws and authority, it became a conflict into which ad hominem attacks and questions about character and integrity were continually dragged. (We even had clones* of questionable integrity involved, for pity's sake.) And now, we'd all like to move on and try to forget it ever happened.

*Seriously though, I don't know who the Name-Thief troll was, but may they tread 1,000 Legos.

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